World’s First Rate-to-Earn Social Network

Rate your experiences, express yourself, earn crypto rewards.

Brand new social network to discover personalized experiences and connect people having same taste.

Yoorbit is the first and only rate-to-earn social network. You can rate everything you experienced in your daily life. Imagine an app that you can rate movies, restaurants, games, hotels, books, clothes, food, wine, products, dentists, companies, even breed of your dog!

It’s about democratizing personal experiences and discovering right value according to your lifestyle. It’s about building your-verse with ratings to link your lifestyle and your digital profile. Because what you feel about your experiences tells your perspective on life.

With Rate-to-Earn decentralized reward system, Yoorbit is the bridge connecting blockchain with real life. It’s the way for crowdsourcing with crowd earning.

Yoorbit is a platform where users can earn cryptocurrency while contributing and discover personalized rating & review content in all kind of experiences.

Start rating, build your-verse, earn cryptocurrency!




World’s First Rate-to-Earn Social Network

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World’s First Rate-to-Earn Social Network

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