Women’s Creativity and Easier Access to Personal Finance with SocialFi

5 min readAug 31, 2022

When the sharp distinctions between men and women are examined in a historical context, gender roles assign two distinctly different tasks and responsibilities. Women do housework, take care of children, and do not take part in the production sectors due to their physical inefficacies. The man who supports his family is obliged to meet all the expenses of the house as the head who supports the family. When these roles are assigned, the woman is given another role as the person responsible for the “domestic economy”. It is the woman who takes care and manages a house.

When women manage the domestic economy, they do so with men’s money. This Money is not a gain due to one’s own creativity, but as a result of her efforts in a passive position while managing someone else’s money.

“Working women” with very cheap labor can “contribute very little” by adding the vast majority of the money they earn to the home economy. And that means the man continues to maintain his leading position.

Another Striking Situation is this:

Women who are in very difficult conditions in undeveloped countries cannot find a job in their own countries, so they work as workers in another country, stay away from their families, save money and live as immigrants for many years. They are generally preferred to work in child and elderly care, cheap factory labor and other service sectors.

These women don’t have bank accounts.

They send money to their families through “Money Carriers”, who have turned this activity into a profession, and these money carriers receive commission at a rate between 5% and 10% depending on the amount of money they will deliver.

According to the World Bank’s Global FINDEX data, as of 2017, the rate of women with bank accounts worldwide is 65 percent; while this rate is 94 percent in OECD countries, and it is 40–50 percent in undeveloped countries.

There are different reasons why they do not open an account. Women don’t actually need it, it’s not easy to give up the usual methods and they don’t break out of the routine.

Crypto assets have significantly affected their use in countries experiencing such problems.

However, this is an area and effect that young people who spend time on the internet and use computers are mostly interested in. Although efforts have been made to encourage the use of blockchain and crypto by women, we have not yet achieved sufficient results. It is necessary to introduce more areas where they can actively use and discover next-generation financial systems that they can quickly integrate.

There Are Smash Hit Projects –With NFTs, Women become the main topic of conversation

In many projects in the field of blockchain for women, famous names with NFT sales carry out some activities that will make an impact. It is aimed to integrate women who work in different fields and have achieved economic freedom into the blockchain. The funds raised are used for the education of girls or for the education and employment of women. Various activities such as increasing financial literacy, organizing trainings, organizing campaigns for more women to participate in the sector are continuing. But there’s still a lot of work to be done.

When we look at the financial technologies sector in particular, according to the latest global report published by the international consultancy company Deloitte, only 7 percent of FinTech startup founders are women. The same report shows that only 1.3 percent of the funds raised by FinTechs in 2019 went to companies whose founders were women.

According to LongHash’s research, the rate of women working in the blockchain field is not more than 15%.

Yes, in addition to women’s attempts to be more involved in the sector, we should focus on solutions to integrate the unemployed, i.e. cheap workers, those who have to leave their families for work — who are still trying to manage the home economy — into the web3 revolution.

We would like to talk about the impact of Yoorbit on solutions to different issues that enable them to effectively engage in the women’s problem in managing the economy and innovative entrepreneurial areas.

Because Its Impact Is Quite Big


The app offers daily tasks and you earn limited tokens by completing such tasks. It both prevents you from being constantly checking social media posts and needs your creativity in content creation.

Yoorbit APP is an application that enable individuals to earn crypto as disadvantaged individuals use the app and create content therein, and aims to contribute to financial inequality, which is one of the most important issues in the world.

Women’s daily posts on Yoorbit App not only enable them to earn tokens that will contribute to their home economy, but also open the doors to a new universe where they can realize and interact with themselves.

We’re not talking about the Metaverse universes, the fantastic side of the great excitement that the technology of the future will bring..

With SocialFi- we are talking about the fact that users can create a crypto wallet and convert the token to fiat money from the exchanges to be listed and earn more money than they will otherwise receive from daily cheap labor.


You wake up and start earning tokens by reviewing your child’s school bag, the breakfast you make, the new olives you buy, your curtain, or the lamp on the street. Creation allows you to create a personalized profile of your likes and dislikes by sharing comments on existing content posts.

What are the subtleties of your musical taste? Rate the guitar solo you like and share it by presenting your own creative ideas to an instrument you like, explaining why.

A painting you made, for example. Rate the colors, paint types and paper type you use.

Rate your makeup, the mascara you don’t like, which constantly lets you down.

Without breaking away from your daily life, rate only the shares you will make in your stream as well as what you create by yourself.

Due to housework, cheap labor, exposure to violence, social pressures and similar reasons, the areas where women can express their own creativity are limited. The social media system is based on liking the lives of others in social media accounts, or you can get a certain number of followers by doing very extreme things. Yoorbit App aims to create the woman’s own universe and become the individual who truly manages the “domestic economy” with the interaction of people in different countries of the world and to increase the proportion of women in the sector by participating in different areas of the blockchain AND Women’s creativity starting with Yoorbit APP and creating its own personal finance system.