Women Will Earn Crypto on Yoorbit

All over the world, there is a wage gap between women and men in both business and social areas. In this article, we have included various reports on the wage gaps between men and women in the business world and social media. We also tell you how to reverse this economy with Yoorbit.

Gender Pay Difference

The pay gap between working women and men overall held steady into 2022, unchanged from a time before — signifying a break from the steady improvement seen since 2015, new disquisition shows.

March 15 is Equal Pay Day, the date that represents how far into 2022 women have to work to earn what men earned by the end of 2021.

“Because women earn lower, on average, than men, they must work longer for the same quantum of pay. The paycheck gap is indeed lesser for utmost women of color,” according to the National Committee on Pay Equity, a coalition of women’s and civil rights associations.

The rearmost data on women’s pay presents a mixed picture.

Going into 2022, women earn 82 cents for every$ 1 men earn when comparing all women to all men — a stat that’s unchanged from 2021, according to compensation data and software establishment Payscale’s 2022 State of the Gender Pay Gap Report, released March 15.

This” uncontrolled” gender pay gap has improved by 7 cents since 2015, the establishment reported, grounded on responses from nearly 1.6 million people surveyed through the end of last time.

Women earn less because they are more likely to leave the workforce as a result of social expectations placed on them as mothers and caretakers, heightened by the pandemic, the report noted. Unemployed women also face a disproportionate wage penalty compared to men when they re-enter the workforce.

However, the gender gap narrows considerably when comparing the earnings of women and men with the same or similar job level and title, education, years of experience, industry, and hours worked. Looking at this “controlled” gender pay gap, women are being paid 99 cents for every $1 men make, up a cent from 2021, when Payscale found that women made 98 cents for every $1 that men earned.

Gender Pay Gap in Social Media; Women Influencers Are The Majority, But Earn 30% Less Than Men

We are in 2022 and we are no longer surprised by the gender pay gap. Despite women being the maturity in the influence marketing niche, it’s men who earn more. This is what the new study published by influencer marketing company Izea demonstrates.

According to the study, men earn, on average, about 30% more per share than women. We see more women as influencers than men on social media platforms. But just because women influencers are outnumbered doesn’t mean they earn more.

What’s the picture in figures?

According to the Izea study, in 2021, women reckoned for 85% of auspices made as influencers. Still, for the once five times, men have been the loftiest paid despite having a significantly lower presence in the area.

To get a sense of the big picture, the average quantum paid to men per post was $2,978

$, which is 30% further than what was paid to women.

Only in one situation was the script reversed in the Instagram Stories format, women earned an normal of US$ 962 per post, while the average quantum paid to men was around US$ 609. 2021 was the first time in which women earned further than men as influencers.

Another study on digital advertising plant that brands invest more in advertisements that portray traditional gender roles.

Women represent 58% of characters in Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) ads and men only 41%, according to research by Creative X. Results are based on analysis of 3,406 ads with 6,435 people served during 2020 and 2021 in the US.


  • 41% of characters portrayed in professional settings were men
  • 49% of ad spend portrayed men in professional settings
  • only 44% of all female characters analyzed were in professional environments
  • 24% was spent of ads featuring women (almost half the investment compared to the same type of ad with men)

While women appear more in advertisements, the market is far from allowing them to be seen as professionals, so they invest almost twice as much in advertisements for men occupying their workplaces.

There’s also a big problem with women being the majority in a profession, but most of the money goes to men (for the same job!).Brands and the influencer marketing business love to promote women progressivism about gender equality. But money and investment are still seen as “men’s business”. Unfortunately, gender equality is still not a real commitment, even in what appears to be the most modern.

Women in the Crypto World

Why is it the future of cryptocurrency and how do you make sure you don’t get left behind?

Almost everyone thinks that the crypto world is a male-dominated world. However, 95% of women who don’t own crypto don’t think gender is keeping them from owning crypto.

Both men and women describe crypto as opportunity, growth, and bold and revolutionary.

Although men are early adopters of crypto, women who buy crypto for the first time outpace men. 38% of women have bought crypto in the last 6 months compared to 30% of men.

Barriers to women buying crypto include not knowing how to get started (52%), not understanding crypto use (52%), and not having extra finance to invest (49%)

69% of men and 54% of women are considering increasing their crypto holdings in the next 6 months.

61% of women own less than $500 in crypto

82% of women say they are more likely to buy in the future.

Blockfi survey reveals nearly 1 in 3 women plan to buy crypto in 2022. According to Blockfi female crypto survey;

· 24% of women say they own crypto.

· 45% of women know how to buy crypto.

· Women mostly Bitcoin (71%), Dogecoin (42%), Ethereum (18%).

· 92% of women surveyed say they have heard of crypto.

· One in three women surveyed plans to buy crypto in 2022. 60% of respondents plan to buy crypto in the next three months.

· One in five women surveyed believe that cryptocurrency can help them achieve their financial goals, both big and small, with one of the most common answers coming as funding a vacation or buying a home.

· Women see Bitcoin (14%) as the best long-term investment, comparable to gold or silver (16%) and individual stocks (13%). But real estate is by far the best investment (41%). Only 4% believe NFTs are the best long-term investment.

According to a recent survey by Gemini, just over a quarter of crypto owners in the United States are women.

But while the survey from the U.S. cryptocurrency exchange detailed that females only make up 26% of crypto holders in the U.S., it added that more women are more interested in getting into crypto than men. According to the survey, some 53% of the “crypto curious” who reported an interest in investing in the asset class are women

Growing women interest in crypto

This latter trend has demonstrated to be the case for every other cryptocurrency exchange, BTC Markets, primarily based totally in Australia. According to a latest report, greater ladies commenced making an investment in cryptocurrencies on their platform over the last 12 months than men. While male participation at the platform extended 80% in 2021, that of ladies extended 172%. Upon signing up, ladies have been additionally observed to make large preliminary deposits, averaging $2,381, in comparison to the $2,060 common deposited through men.

Highlighting that women have demonstrably been greater risk-avers of their funding selections than guys in step with behavioral finance studies, the record brought that the extra inclusion of ladies helped to dispel the belief that cryptocurrency buying and selling is most effective for risk-takers. Regarding that threat aversion, the record additionally cited that ladies buyers had been much more likely to self-custody in comparison to their male counterparts, because the common portfolio length on BTC Markets for ladies was $2,650, whilst for guys this determine was $3,049.

We can see that the inequality between men and women is not only in social media but also in business as an investment. Especially since women do not want to take certain risks in crypto investments, although they are more curious than men in this field, they cannot break male dominance in investment.

Yoorbit Is The Easiest Way To Earn Crypto

This is where Yoorbit comes into play. It is a perfect system that will eliminate the inequality between men and women both in social media and in the crypto world, and everyone will win. Women who hesitate to invest in crypto will only be able to earn crypto by sharing their experiences. Moreover, it will be quite easy.

Yoorbit offers a brand new and unique system that eliminates the wage gap between women and men in both the social, business and crypto worlds.

Why should only certain influencers, investors, men win while both the social media and crypto world are growing unabated?

Rate — to — Earn with Yoorbit

How to earn on Yoorbit?

  1. Start earning using the app

Users will be able to earn RATE by rating existing content, creating new posts and commenting, launching the application, sharing on other social networks, inviting friends. When a user become more active, he/she can earn more. If you become early adopters in system, that means you will get more from the token pool.

2. Having tags as NFT

Tags are at the center of YOORBIT. Ratings and all interactions are connected to tags. Each unique tags is a candidate for being NFT. YOORBIT has its own NFT marketplace where users can mint, buy or sell tag NFTs. After minting, tags of owned NFT is linked to corresponding user for future income. Whenever a user rates, comments or interacts using these tags, NFT owner earns RATE token.

3. Upgrade your Status

The status of the users determines the RATE multiplier they can earn. Each user starts with the default status with 1x. The multiplier increases with each status upgrade. The status upgrade is not free and can be used by users with enough RATE. If a user does not meet the status conditions any longer, the status gets downgraded.

4. Converting Social Profile to NFT

Top users can mint NFTs from their profiles and sell them in the marketplace. NFT holders have earning-per-share of this profile’s income. So everyone can become an investor of a “Social Profile” they like.

5. Rocketing RATE tokens

Each user has some predefined RATE token right to send other users. If you like someone’s post, you can send him a ROCKET which has RATE token in it. This amount does not decrease your wallet. Actually, you have to send some Rocket to deserve same amount of tokens. That will make engagement more, increase content quality and retention.














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