Why Is It Important To Rate Experiences?

2 min readAug 10, 2022

Most people don’t really think about how many different experiences they have in a day. However, we have dozens of different experiences from waking up in the morning until we go to sleep at night.

Before watching a movie, its rating indicates whether it is worth watching. Again, the hotel score determines whether you stay at the hotel or not. This applies to all of our choices in life. Food, restaurant, perfume, make-up, phone, games and much more to experience…

The experiences we have during the day are actually quite valuable and sometimes these experiences can turn into recommendations for others.

A coffee in the morning, the shoes we wear, a song we listen to on the road, a movie we watch, a meal we eat, a book we read… All of these have a value in life. In Yoorbit, this value is determined by ratings.

TV series, movies, books, hotels, wines, restaurants, songs, games, social media, shopping, concerts, education, history, etc. For all these categories and rate information, you need to use at least five different apps. However, Yoorbit is a unique app where people can rate for all categories.

It is not yet a habit for everyone to rate something they have tried. However, Yoorbit makes it incredibly easy with its ease of use and high technology. While it contains all the features you are used to in all other social media, it offers the opportunity to share the topics that you are afraid to share or that you do not think of in other social media applications.

Yoorbit is the first and only app in the world where people can rate all their experiences throughout their lives. Rating is the main feature of Yoorbit.

The ratings you give to your experiences are a distinguishing feature in your related interests on Yoorbit. Your profile is also shaped according to your interests.

For example, if you are a travel lover, your posts about the places you visit will clearly reveal whether you are a nature lover, a local traveler, an international traveler, a history buff, or someone who explores the streets of the places you visit. Again, the movies you rate clearly reveal what kind of movies you like. If you like superhero movies, your ratings will be an important piece of advice for those who like these types of movies.

Yoorbit continues to develop its technology to bring more experiences to people according to their respective interests and to reveal the true value of experiences.