Why Do People Follow Other People On Social Media?

People use social media for different reasons.

We can list the reasons why people follow other people on social media as follows:

• To meet new people

• Engaging in other people’s content, seeing what’s going on in their lives and mainly how they’re doing.

• To keep up with what’s going on in the lives of celebrities they like.

•To learn something new, just as one photographer follows another to see how they shot their shots, and then try to recreate content like this in their own way.

• To closely related. You follow your family members, friends, classmates, workmates on social media.

•To follow people whom they share common preferences ,likes, hobbies etc.

• To follow people because of the content they post on social media platforms. Following people who share content that you are interested in. Content with high quality.

• Following your friend’s friends. You follow people who are related to your friends.

•Some will follow others so as to make them follow back like on instagram. when you follow someone theres high probability of him following you back.

• Following and then unfollowing repeatedly is a common way some people try to gain followers. It’s a method some use just to achieve a certain number of followers, without actually engaging with others or caring about their content.

• To have information about the products of the brands they like.

•Just for fun

• To grow your social media account.

People like to feel connected, and in an age where online connectivity is much more common than in real life, people will do anything they can to feel as relevant and popular as possible.

If you’re constantly liking other people’s pictures or following tons of people, you probably feel very lonely and want people you follow/like to notice and possibly reach out to you.

In reality, all these online links are relatively just to make you feel good temporarily. The only truly meaningful connections will only be those you make in real life. Nothing really replaces human touch/condition.

The people you follow on social media are often not people with whom you have common pleasure or likes. Sometimes there may even be people whose lives you wannabe.

Yoorbit Allows You to Learn More About People’s Lifestyles

You cannot have the chance to learn closely what movies the people you follow watch, what food they like, what interests they have, what books they read and their lifestyles. People don’t have any motivation to share their experience if it’s not very impressive, nice, or expensive. If they don’t have a lot of followers, they don’t reach a lot of people. That’s why they just prefer to be spectators.

Yoorbit allows you to learn more about people’s lifestyles. In Yoorbit, it is possible to share the topics that people hesitate to share on other social platforms, or that they do not consider necessary or hesitate. For example, a book read on the weekend, a movie watched, a glass of wine with it are each a different experience and gives you an idea about the person’s tastes. For this reason, it gives you clues about the person you follow, and you also give your followers clues about your lifestyle and tastes. Each topic you will share has a value and that is the rating. The rating you give will be important on a friend’s decision to watch the movie you watch. You make all these recommendations stronger with your comments.

It’s about democratizing personal experiences and discovering right value according to your lifestyle. It’s about building yourverse with ratings to link you and your digital profile.

Yoorbit offers each user the opportunity to create their own personal universe. Therefore, you can see more clearly who you follow and why. Because the person’s profile will give you great clues in this regard.




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