We Redesigned Profile Screen

2 min readOct 31, 2022

We previously published our update on “Personal Lists.” We have two brand new updates regarding the profile screen.

1.Adding tabs on the profile screen

With our new update your profile screen will appear in a completely personalized. All your posts, movie & series, music, rerate posts will appear in separate tabs on your profile screen.

All Posts

In the first tab, all posts are shown without category distinction.

Personal Lists

Only personal lists are shown.

Movie & Series

All posts in the Movies and TV Shows category that are rated by the person are shown.


Posts from all music categories are shown.


Only rerated posts are shown.

2.Displaying the posts as a triple grid

Posts on the profile are displayed as a triple grid so other users can learn more about your personal tastes.

In addition, information about how many people viewed your posts is also displayed on the posts.