Sustainable Social Economy With A Disruptive Way

Today, the desire to be liked more lies under the desire of people to get more interaction through social media. Being liked more will make the person feel more valuable. For this reason, people make a great effort to attract more attention on social media. However, there aren’t a lot of people who can reap the rewards of these efforts. A large mass cannot go beyond their own circle of friends. This can also be a choice. However, if people knew the easier way to make money from social media, we are sure that they would be willing to do much more.

To achieve this, Yoorbit offers a massive structure that combines blockchain technology with crypto and social media. Even people who are not active on social media will want to be more active thanks to the conveniences and advantages offered by Yoorbit.

This will automatically feed the Network Effect with the Social Economy. Users who earn by sharing will earn more as they expand their personal networks, and the more they earn, the more they will share.

Let’s take a closer look at Yoorbit’s Self-Regulating Sustainable Social Economy

Self Regulating Sustainable Social Economy

Yoorbit aims for a Self-Regulating Sustainable Social Economy as a rate-to-earn social network. Yoorbit has calculated every path well in advance so that users can feel that they are part of this economy.

Users earn by rating. More ratings in app means more rewards

Yoorbit is the first rate-to-earn social network. Every action that the user takes within the application has a corresponding amount of token.

Users can rate by adding from their photo or video gallery, by searching movies, searching songs, searching locations, even pasting any link from web.

Each info related about rating is precious like additional tags or comment.

User will discover and interact more to have more rewards

We are changing your perspective with Yoorbit. All social media platforms where users share their beautiful photos, valuable thoughts, outfits, and funny videos are user centric. But experiences are the most valuable thing in Yoorbit. A user can like or dislike, rate an experience, and share their feelings about it. You can create digital value and your own universe through the decentralized blockchain system by rating movies, restaurants, games, hotels, books and everything you search for on the internet.

When users discover new experiences and interacts with the content creator by commenting post, they can earn RATE token according to their contribution about this content.

“ROCKET” is the new social-economy substitute of like or upvote

There is a new concept called “ROCKET” on Yoorbit. It’s like donation to post creator but more than this. Each user has a right of 3 ROCKETs to send to other users over posts. And each Rocket has a token value. The most interesting here begins. When you send a Rocket to someone, you earn that much token Rocket has in your wallet. If you don’t send it, it vanishes.

The idea behind this is to motivate content creators to create higher quality posts. When you get more Rocket from other users, you will want to publish more posts with more quality.

On the other hand, a great way for engagement.

Quality of post and reviews will be higher to get more ROCKET

We mentioned that experiences are the most valuable thing at YOORBIT. Yoorbit will again offer you the system that will make your experiences more valuable.Rocket determines the quality of posts in Yoorbit .Users express their reactions to posts by sending rockets. User who get more rockets earns more. The user who wants to get more rockets will try to produce higher quality posts. In other social media applications, the number of likes determines the value of your posts, while in Yoorbit Rocket means earning cryptocurrency.




World’s First Rate-to-Earn Social Network

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World’s First Rate-to-Earn Social Network

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