Meet Yoorbit’s New Feature “Personal Lists”

2 min readOct 20, 2022

Hello Yoorbers,

We are proud to present you a brand new and unique feature that is unmatched in the world.

What is this feature? This feature is “Personal Lists”.

You will now be able to list your posts on your profile on Yoorbit and create custom titles according to your own related fields. Thanks to this unique feature, your personal tastes will stand out in a distinctive way. For now, only IOS users will be able to benefit from this feature, which makes each of your experiences that are not lost in stories more valuable. However, we will release the Android version very soon.

For example, you will be able to collect what you share in the food category under a list. You will be able to list your music shares as you wish. You will even be able to separate movies by genre. These lists will be pinned on your profile. You will be able to remove and add a different list at any time. If you want, you can add it to a list you specify while creating the post, or you can add the post from your profile to a list you want later.

You will have a fully personalized profile and other users will be able to easily discover your personal tastes from these list titles. Update Yoorbit right now, meet this cool brand new feature and create your personal lists. Let your lists reflect you.

Here are all the steps to create the personal lists:

  • Tap “Rate from Gallery”
  • Choose a photo or video from your gallery
  • Rate the photo or video
  • Add category
  • Add tags (Write a comment if you want)
  • Tap the “Share now”
  • Go to your profile
  • Choose the post and add the list
  • Create a new list
  • Give a name the new list
  • Pin the new list to your profile

You can create the new list during the sharing the post.