Millions of experiences to rate

How Many Things Can You Experience In A Year?

The average person watches at least one TV show or movie per week. That means 52 TV series or movies a year.

Assuming that a reader reads at least 1–2 books per month on average, that means at least 12 or 24 books per year.

A traveler stays in a hotel at least twice for 1 year.

Even if a person does not go out of the city, a person visits different places in the city at least 2 times a month. That’s mean 24 different locations a year.

A person who working in the office and dining out eats a meal and orders at least 5 days a week. That means that experiences 240 different foods in a year, 20 times a week. Again, when an average person orders food once a week, or outside of home cooking, a person will have tasted food 52 times in a year.

A person visits the market at least once a week, considering that experiences 20 different products on average, person will have tried at least 240 different products in 1 year.

If a person buys 4 pieces of clothing per month, will have experienced 48 pieces of clothing in 1 year.

A person who follows sports events follows at least 1 sports event per week. This means at least 52 sports events per year.

The average person visits a hospital or doctor at least twice a year and visits a shopping mall at least once a month.

The average person experiences at least 1 technological product per year.

What we experience in our daily experiences is actually much more than what has been mentioned above. Some people may watch a movie every day, watch more than one TV series a week, or read a book a week. These figures vary in direct proportion to the areas of interest of those engaged in such activities.

For a frequent traveler, everything who experiences during travel definitely has a rate in terms of rates. For example, the means of transportation used during travel, plane, bus, train, etc. accommodation, places he visited, the food he ate in the places he visited, the drinks he drank, bars, nightclubs, museums, historical places, the vehicles he used during his travel (suitcase, bag, camping equipment, etc.), even the song he listened to, the platform he listened to music, headphones, radio channel …It is possible to multiply these examples so much. If we consider the things we experience as a whole, we do not even realize that there are many subjects, objects, and even abstract concepts that we can give rate during the day. For example, even the weather we encounter during our travel is actually part of our experience. Rainfall unexpectedly, or a sunset scene. All of these have a counterpart in Yoorbit. Those are the rating we give. Situations we encounter during our travel, the road is too long, the roads are bad, traveling in a very beautiful scenery, the food at the stop is good or bad, an ice cream we eat during the journey… All of these are experiences and have a value between 0 and 10.

Although various rates have been given to the subjects experienced on some platforms that allow some of the experiences to be rated, there was no application where we could rate some of the experiences as a whole. Until Yoorbit. Yoorbit is the first and only application where all these experiences can be rated very simply. Moreover, it is the only application where you can earn crypto for your contributions.




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World’s First Rate-to-Earn Social Network

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