How Does Rate-to-Earn System Work in Yoorbit?

5 min readAug 3, 2022


Yoorbit is the first and only rate-to-earn social network. You can rate everything you experienced in your daily life and earn RATE token. More contribution means more RATE token.

There is no boundary for rating (except legally prohibited categories). Some examples for you to rate;

  • a book
  • a movie
  • a hotel
  • a drink
  • a song
  • a hospital
  • a wine
  • a restaurant
  • a chocolate bar
  • an actor
  • a streaming service
  • a website
  • a playstation game
  • a game character
  • an NFT
  • a museum
  • a neighborhood
  • a documentary
  • a dentist
  • a stroller
  • an ice cream etc.

Anything you want…

There is a separate section for Rate to Earn. Rating is the main feature of Yoorbit.. There are multiple ways for rating on Yoorbit.

Rating Options

These are the options you can use to rate:

Rate From Gallery or Camera

You can choose photos or videos of your experiences from your gallery or directly using your camera. We appreciate your original content and using this option earns you more token. Users have to write identifier of experience like name of product, name of hospital etc.

Rate a Movie

Just write a movie name and rate it. Movie image and trailer automatically will be set.

Rate a Song

Search a song or singer/band name and choose from the results. Song video clip from Youtube automatically will be in your post. We also add song lyrics to your post.

Listen & Rate

A hidden feature under Rate a song and we love it so much. Touch Listen & Rate button and let application recognize the song played around you. It will show you recognized song and you can rate it. We said that, Yoorbit has the easiest user experience on SocialFi.

Rate a Location

Application will list all places around you and you can select the place you want and rate. Image of place automatically will be set. You can change if you want.

Paste Link from Internet

You can copy any link from mobile applications or website and rate it. So you can rate a product from an e-commerce platform, trending news from a website or blog, or any link from other social networks. Image and description automatically will be set for you.

There is one more step before sharing your rating. It is important that you can review your post, and add more information to your followers if you want.

Each additional info means more RATE token. So, don’t forget to add them.

Additional Information

· Category

We identify some basic categories but if we can’t, we want you to select a category for your post. It is mandatary and if it is not selected share button can not be active

· Tags

Hashtags related with the experience. That will increase to be shown to other users.

· Comment

Add your comment about your experience. Tell us why do you rate it as 7 or 10. This is your feeling about your experience and your followers like to hear about it.

· Location

If it’s a location based experience, please add location information to your post. So we can show our users places according to their ratings.

Earn by Contributing

These are the ways where users can earn RATE token by contribution

· Rating a unique experience

· Rerating an existing post

· Making comment to someone’s post

· Sending rocket to a user

· Having comment to your own post

· Having rocket from other users

· Having rerate to your own post

· Having follower

· Launching application

The above-mentioned tasks are limited for users to earn by contributing.

Self Earning NFT Tags

How to earn by having tag NFTs on Yoorbit?

· Yoorbit has its own NFT marketplace. Like in the beginning of web domain space, you can buy any tag NFT if no one else bought it. First come first win :)

· When you buy a tag NFT, it is an asset that you can sell and also is integrated with Yoorbit system that you can earn while keeping it. When a user interacts with that tag by rating or commenting, NFT holder will get some RATE token which is reserved for only tag NFT earnings.

· This is an approach one of its kind which is connecting NFT technology with a real life experience. For example, when you have “New York” NFT, you will earn when people uses “New York” tag on their posts.

· It is crucial to invest and get this NFTs earlier. When user base will grow and interactions increase , price of these NFTs will be much higher.

Social Profile NFT

Users’ lifestyles, tastes and life experiences form their digital profile identity on Yoorbit.

Users’ profiles are created by their experiences and the ratings they give to these experiences.

· Top users can mint NFTs from their profiles and sell them in the marketplace. NFT holders have earning-per-share of this profile’s activities.

· Social Profile NFT is a revolutionary new concept of getting investment over Social Profile engagements.

· There is a follower count threshold for having ability to mint.

· A user who is eligible for minting will choose how much percentage of profile he/she wants to open for investment. For example; a user chooses to get investment for 10% over 5 NFTs. That means each NFT is equivalent of 2% of that social profile. When an investor buy that NFT, profile owner will share 2% of token earnings with NFT holder.

When you go on rating, you will have more accurate lifestyle identity.

Start rating the likes of your internet worlds, create your own universe, earn crypto!