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The Internet, which is the source of information, is an ordinary thing for those born after 2000. But some of us who were born before the internet revolution know very well that we used to go to libraries or refer to voluminous encyclopedias with 10 volumes to look for anything and everything. Now, when we look at history of the Internet, we see that it has evolved a lot. We seek information, shop , watch movies, plan our vacations, buy foods, and other products, and do almost everything ONLINE.

Let’s take a look at how Internet has transformed traditional marketplace into “Digital Marketplace”, encyclopedias into “Digital Libraries” and with introduction of blockchain technology the security exchanges into “Crypto Economic Markets”.

Digital Marketplace — E-Commerce

The first online shopping for goods and services began in 1996. This is how the whole world has become acquainted with the concept of e-commerce. The adoption of the Internet has gradually increased starting from 1995. The Internet was not popular in the world back then and was its infancy where it has gradually grown with small steps, and it was until 2000s that the Internet has had a big hype when the large corporations sought a potential of it.

1995 was the year when first online shopping took place.

Pizza HUT, founded by Frank Carney and Dan Carney in 1958, got the first online pizza order and became the first company which has practised e-commerce in the world.

Online shopping got started with a first PIZZA order…

Its widespread use in the world has accelerated with the establishment of companies such as Amazon and eBay to carry out e-commerce. The richest people in the world are now the founders of these two corporations.

At the beginning not everything was all moonlight and roses for e-commerce as it had offered different employment opportunities and different income models, and people even were very sceptical about it and thanks to online banking functionalities, we have experienced different types of e-commerce on the Internet. The Internet has evolved and revolutionized to attract more and more people and finally became an avalanche.

Digital Library — Web1/Web2

Just Google it and access everything.

With Web-1, a mechanism has been developed by which computers would send e-mail, create files and store data, as well as basic-level information would be stored. And Web2 has transformed Web1, which is used by large corporations, enabling users to become interactive in a short time.

The Internet! The Internet has spread very quickly all over the world and created extraordinary use-cases with the introduction of Web2. We share our experiences with others around us on the Internet by posting photos, videos, ads, or by liking other posts, ideas, etc. on social media. Facebook, Instegram, Twiter, Tiktok etc. all of these social networks have influenced the world and allowed users to have unique profiles.

Online shopping has become an integral part of our lives with the increase of secure e-commerce sites, the introduction of new e-commerce sites of many companies, and the simple and secure use of applications on mobile devices.

With Web1 and Web2 versions of the Internet we observe the following developments:

Web-1 involves sending and receiving e-mails, online shopping, and data storage of companies, which have centralized management, where the users do not have an active role and security risks are prominent.

Web-2, on the other hand, has brought up social media platforms into our world. Now the users care about the comments of other users, which are influential in making them visible and taking decisions. The brand offers its own product to the user by using all positive sales techniques through its website, TV advertisements or call center sales.

Fundamentally the most common element of all such social media and shopping platforms is that they enable users to share their experiences. Social media influencers earn money by promoting products of various brands on a daily basis. They earn money due the fact that the products that they recommend to their followers increase sales of such products. In fact you follow someone who is contracted by a brand/company to promote their products/services under an official contract. Influencers consider this as an advertising job. They tell you how amazing this product is, and you buy it on the advice of that person. This practice has not gone out of fashion yet, but it is almost out of fashion as the evolution of advertising is moving rapidly towards adopting new technologies and ideas day by day.

In 2008, there was another revolution in the world. The WP of BTC has been published and Blockchain technology has been introduced in our lives. Satoshi Nakamoto mentioned that with P2P peer-to-peer transfer, money can be transferred through a decentralized system, and this will be done digitally, not in the physical world. “BITCOIN”

The first order was a PIZZA

It was an interesting coincidence that pizza was the first thing ordered online when the Internet has become revolutionized in a chain of successive developments.

The Web3 craze has started with Bitcoin and a whole new ecosystem has been shaped with creative projects rolled up one after another. Projects in which effective solutions are presented in the fields of finance, health, public, art, media, e-commerce, games, etc. are being implemented. This is a technology in which data is securely processed into blocks and encrypted with cryptography in a chain-linked structure, and the security of the network is ensured by the Consensus protocol mechanism. The deliverables of this technology have enabled the development of global projects and the creation of an important CRYPTO asset economic market.

With the introduction of Web3, Web2’s wide spread in social media and internet shopping has evolved into projects where original works are increasingly taking place on the decentralized technology network blockchain. As an inevitable result of the emergence of new ideas and advantages for brands and users, the consumption frenzy has increased rapidly, and safe shopping applications on the internet have developed thanks to technology.

Crypto Economic Market: Blockchain

When the user downloads an application for any reason, they rate the application based on their experience whether or not it is the fastest and safest shopping app, whether or not the delivery was a smooth experience, whether or not the call center or online help was useful, or how satisfied they are with the conditions of return of a product. Most users don’t leave a comment unless something bad has happened to them. And a bad service must have repercussion. Brands, on the other hand, develop various strategies to avoid such bad comments. Users passively examine what is offered to them, use it, make a positive review if they are satisfied, or leave bad comments or complain about it if they are not satisfied with it. When one looks at how the Internet has evolved, one can see that reputation, security, and positive feedbacks/comments are in fact the companies value the most right from the beginning. The purpose of the budgets set aside for social media influencers and advertisements made by companies is to receive positive feedback/comments for their products. The more interactions the company has with customers, the more awareness the company would raise in the market. I would like to remind you again that not every customer make a comment about their experience of a product or service. There are different ways to make money on the Internet in the creative economy. The online sales channels include sales departments of companies having online stores, content creators, social media influencers, artists, bloggers, Youtubers, and etc..

Rate to Earn with YOORBIT

Meet YOORBIT, where users and brands interact more, and each user comments or rates their experiences and also earns Crypto!

Imagine that with the Web3 revolution, all online purchases and social media uses on a global scale are merged into a single application using the infrastructure of blockchain technology. And in your own user profile you can rate everything you experienced in your daily life on a scale of 1 to 10 and provide your feedbacks on your likes or dislikes and earn token while doing so.

Blockchain projects are creating a new economic model. In any projects you may develop, you need to create a digital currency and determine strategies for using that token or coin in such ecosystem.

YOORBIT blockchain project is the first “Rate-to-Earn” project offered for users and brands. It is an ecosystem where we earn tokens for our ratings and reviews on our online shopping experiences and time we spent on the Internet.

As the Internet evolves more and more creative projects in which users and brands will earn a crypto asset launch every day, offering different features for their users.

Create, explore, rate your own universe and earn token with YOORBIT.




World’s First Rate-to-Earn Social Network

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World’s First Rate-to-Earn Social Network

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