Going Beyond GIFs and Integrating NFTs with Real Life

4 min readJun 27, 2022


NFTs are all of the rage. These virtual tokens — frequently related to virtual artwork and collectibles, songs, films and designs — are everywhere, however they may be greater than novel artwork. In fact, NFTs might also additionally provide solutions, as a minimum in part, to a number of society’s challenges.

Simply put, an NFT (short for nonfungible token) is a unit of facts saved on a blockchain — a database of transactions prepared with out the want for a crucial depended on authority. Because they rely upon blockchain technology, NFTs have attributes which are appealing to buyers: The provenance of each token is tracked at the blockchain, which presents evidence of the authenticity, in addition to ownership, of the token. Moreover, blockchains make NFTs accessible — their code is freely available, and everybody who’ve get admission to to the net can use the technology.

In resent years, NFTs have end up famous in artwork, music, films, gaming, sports activities and entertainment. An NFT representing a bit of virtual artwork with the aid of using artist Beeple, “Everydays — the First 5000 Days,” offered at a Christie’s public sale for a staggering $69 million closing year.

But NFTs can also be used as a representation of physical assets such as gold or watches or documents such as tickets, certificates and contracts. What NFTs have enormous potential is in their digital representation beyond art and entertainment.

In What Other Areas Do NFT Technologies Stand Out?

Social Impact

On the other hand, there are other areas where NFTs have great potential: nonprofits, universities, and practitioners to fund their users and engage in social leadership. Using these NFTs he can conduct research, collect good collections and information and money for various causes and investigations. Adopting NFTs can place a new donor who is young, digitally savvy, on leave and with wide pockets to their foundation. In fact, using NFTs to build community is a simple and easy journey.

For example, a scientist uncovering the secrets of environmental degradation could create an NFT of their groundbreaking research and present it to a donor, who in turn supports mitigation efforts. Or medical researchers who invent a vaccine for an infectious disease could commemorate eureka moments forever in the NFT of an invention document and sell it to raise money for ongoing discovery and analysis. A prime example of this was the $5.4 million NFT sale of 9,555 lines of original source code for the internet via Sotheby’s last summer by inventor Sir Tim Berners Lee, whose proceeds went to charity.

The potential of blockchain technology and NFTs to power fundraising and social impact is remarkable, enabling the scientist, inventor, professor, artist, and even public official to leave their footprints in the world. While there is much more to be solved and learned around NFTs, the innovation of NFTs has led to a unique opportunity to unlock value to support positive change.

According to the latest analysis by Emergen Research, increasing use of NFTs in gaming is one of the major factors expected to continue to drive global market revenue growth, registering a CAGR of 39.6% over a 10-year period starting from 2020. Non-Fungible Token (NFTs) Market Size to Reach USD 3,57,316.3 Million in 2030

NFT technology can follow to deliver chains for high-stop style agencies or offering facts approximately substances and additives for industries along with automotive. This can also resource in cost-cutting. NFTs can also be useful to organizations worried approximately monitoring the use of reusable and sustainable substances.

YOORBIT Will Let You Build Real-Time NFTs Touching Life

Now let’s see how we can incorporate NFT more into our real lives.

There Are Millions of Options to Experience in A Person’s Life. But There’s Not Enough Time and Money;

  • 7 million movies or series,
  • 100 million songs,
  • 400 million books,
  • 1 million games,
  • 700 thousand hotels,
  • 3 million wines,
  • 1 million restaurants, etc.

What if we told you that you can convert all of these experiences into an NFT in Yoorbit. So how do we convert all these into NFTs?

Self-Earning Tag NFT

Tags are at the center of YOORBIT. Ratings and all interactions are connected to tags. Each unique tags is a candidate for being NFT. After minting, tags of owned NFT is linked to corresponding user for future income. Whenever a user rates, comments or interacts using these tags, NFT owner earns YOORB.

For example; the label of the Matrix movie being an NFT and you can buy this NFT. As other users rate or comment on the Matrix tag, you earn tokens. You can also sell Matrix NFT in the marketplace. If you’re a Matrix fan, owning the Matrix tag may give you more pleasure than earning money. However, as Yoorbit, we also promise to make money from this ownership. The same will be true for a song you’re a fan of, a sports club.

If you are a wine lover, the labels of the wines that are valuable to you will also have a financial value in Yoorbit. Because each of them can be converted into an NFT.

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