“Economic Freedom” with Yoorbit

4 min readAug 18, 2022

Economic crises, natural disasters, wars are the most difficult periods in women’s “Struggle for Life”. The fact that macro policies are not develop with solid foundations makes the struggle even more challenging.



For a Woman to be able:

To be a part of labour market where fundamental rights and freedoms are equally granted; to take part in artistic activities in their free time for self-realization; To receive a good education from a young age; To carry out entrepreneurial activities and to support the initiatives of funders; not to experience economic difficulties; and to socialize and to evaluate different business opportunities…

For all this to happen, women “need to live in a prosperous country where women’s policies are well implemented”


A large part of the world’s female population is “unable to meet their basic needs,” let alone having what we have mentioned above.

Since they cannot maintain their economic conditions on their own at the micro level, they continue their lives as individuals who are dependent on their environment.

Dramatic Results Emerge under particularly difficult conditions

Women are at the forefront of the fight against the Coronavirus and they are the ones most financially affected by this crisis.

Women make up 70% of the world’s health workers and provide 75% of unpaid care work, including child, elderly and sick care. They also work in low-paying risky jobs.

During the economic crises, women were laid off. The fact that women are dismissed from work while they are in difficult conditions in the labor market makes women dependent on child care and housework at home and led them to leave the permanent labour force. The lack of opportunities for self-improvement, even if there are opportunities, taking care of household chores alone and child care, creates a permanent situation that leads to a loss of motivation.

As in the past, the issue of “Economic Freedom” is still one of the most fundamental problems for women. Although different funding mechanisms for the development of policies for women and increasing women’s employment in developed countries create important results, aid campaigns in countries with low levels of development prevent women’s employment by offering merely temporary solutions. The scarcity or lack of opportunities for women to work in less develop countries requires urgent alternative solutions for women to cope with a great challenge.

Source: https://www.oxfam.org/en


We know that long-term policy implementations are needed for women to actively participate in employment. However, thanks to the possibilities of Blockchain technology developing with original ideas, it is now possible for women to take part in initiatives where they can put their creativity forward and provide a source of income for them without waiting for the implementation of policies in the long term!

How? By being involved in projects where they can gain their own economic power with WEB3 technology!

What is WEB3?

WEB3 means the participatory new Internet that allows the development of decentralized token-based economies with Blockchain technology.


Game (Financial), Social (Financial) concepts have started a new era that breaks down paradigms in the blockchain sector. Thanks to this technological revolution, systems have been developed in which traditional business models have been turned upside down and creative ideas can be used by people on a global scale.

GameFi- Play to Earn

This System is the web3 revolution that pays as you play, provides an economic motivation in itself, and reverses the spending feature of traditional games. It is an area mainly used by those who love to play games and the young population who usually very familiar with the PC.

SocialFi- Rate To Earn

It has been developed in a way that benefits everyone who uses social media.

A technology that will provide economic income, developed as an alternative to women’s predicament where they are employment and be forced to stay home or work with very low wages.

Blockchain Technology is the SocialFi project — Yoorbit will change the world of Women!

Let’s give an example of today’s web2 social media platforms: If you are influencer, you earn because you have a high following and brands pay you to promote their products. The platform also rewards these people who have many followers. Web2’s social media has developed an important earning system.

But Not For Everyone!


Just Yoorb IT!!

This is for all women who are:

· Dismissed

· Low-wage employee

· Forced to contend with economic hardships in repressive regimes

· Not allowed to work

You earn tokens from the moment you first start using Yoorbit App. Women who are trying to cope with economic difficulties will be able to earn crypto currency by creating and sharing contents and performing their daily tasks on the Yoorbit App. They will increase their global interactions by sharing not only to make money, but also to showcase their creativity. Yoorbit is an app where their tastes, movies, music, paintings, a book or a poem they read, the food they make, the clothes they buy, home decoration, places they visit are at the forefront …

Their daily posts will become a revenue model. With the web3 revolution and Yoorbit App “Rate to Earn”, they will be able to contribute to the production of content and turn their disadvantaged position in the labour market, where they are excluded. As a result of the development of technology and more women taking part in the sector, women will play a dominant role in their struggle for survival without the need to wait for macro regulations.