Earn From Your Travel Posts Without Being an Influencer

2 min readJul 27, 2022

You are a travel lover but not an influencer. You love to travel, you discover beautiful places, but you cannot reach as many people as you want. While someone can reach a lot of followers and earn money, you can’t. The problem isn’t really about your posts failing. The problem is that although social media is a giant world, those who make money from social media are actually very few, contrary to popular belief. This means that a small audience actually gets a share of the big pie.

It would be unfair to consider a trip only as a trip. Because during your travel, you have more than one experience.

The airline company you use for travel, the brand of your suitcase, the food you eat, the wine you drink, the bar you go to, the ice cream shop, the most famous dessert of that place, an undiscovered beach, beach slippers, the book you read, the place you stay… How many of your good or bad experiences during your trip do you share on other social networks? You really need to have an influencer motivation in order to share all these things we have mentioned or other experiences that are completely personal to us. So while sharing all these experiences, you have to make a profit. Otherwise, you may think that your friends are bored with their excessive posts and give up sharing after a while or you may not have find enough energy to share.

Whereas, Yoorbit is the only social network where you can share all your experiences during your travel as much as you want, and moreover, you can earn. Yoorbit is the first and only social network in the world where you can inspire your friends with all your travel experiences and earn RATE tokens from each of these experiences without the need for high followers. Increasing the number of followers will cause you to earn more. You earn RATE tokens when your followers send ROCKET to your posts, comment, share your posts by re-rating them, and gain a new follower. All you have to do is sharing all of your experiences during your trip on Yoorbit. That’s how easy it is.